Olympic Chemical Systems are suppliers and specialist in high quality chemical formulations for the washing and disinfection of re-usable surgical instrumentation including flexible fibreoptic endoscopes and Transoesophageal Echocardiography probes (TOE), laboratory glassware and peripherals.

Our range of high quality chemicals are totally compatible for use in the latest washer disinfectors and AER equipment installed in the Sterile Services environment.We also have a range of chemical formulations that can be used in Ultrasonic cleaning systems as well as the manual & soak cleaning of heavily soiled surgical instrumentation.

Olympic Chemical Systems were formed in 1981, originally to service the National Health Service in the UK. With the recent European legislation relating to washer/disinfectors, we now find ourselves supplying chemicals to many countries, including - Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Europe and the Middle East.

With our many years of experience in this field, we are able to offer our considerable expertise to our customers. We can give advice in overcoming problems with the quality cleaning of instrumentation going through the washing process. These include water quality analysis and the evaluation of soft metals/alloys used in the manufacture of instruments.

We also have the protocols in place to complete residual chemical testing on surgical instruments on behalf of our customers.


NEWS    FEB 2011

Philips Medical have now approved the use of Olympic Chemical Systems  Enzyme Cleaner and Enzyme Cleaner WD for the cleaning of their TOE probes.

This now gives customers the choice of a total package when re-processing their TOE probes using Olympic Peracetic Acid for the disinfecting process  in conjunction with the NEOCARE scope vault system.