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2009 saw the launch of two new products by Olympic Chemical Systems for the cleaning & disinfection of a range of reusable surgical  instrumentation through modern AER’s.

1. Olympic Enzyme Cleaner WD      - machine detergent

2. Olympic Peracetic Acid                 - machine disinfectant

These two chemical formulations have now been tested over a period of 2 years covering over 35,000 flexible fibre optic endoscopes including both Keymed Olympus & Pentax endoscopes.

Chemical corrosion of endoscopes has been a major problem for some large NHS trusts in the UK but, since using our two chemical formulations, chemical corrosion has been reduced to zero.

The two products are now being used for the decontamination of:

- TOE probes (Transoesophageal Echocardiography)

- Trans Rectal Ultrasound Probes

- Inter Operative Ultrasound Probes.

Philips medical have now approved Olympic Peracetic Acid as the disinfectant to be used for reprocessing their TOE probes in conjunction with the SCOPEVAULT ® system marketed by Neocare UK LTD.

These two chemical formulations have been used in a number of different types of AER’s including Steris machines. This gives NHS trusts a choice of chemical products over and above those supplied by the machine manufacturers at the time of commissioning and initial validation or after the initial first year warranty has expired.

By using an independent chemical company as opposed to the machine manufacturers, considerable cost savings can be made from your budget.


Are your current manual cleaning procedures for flexible fiberoptic endoscopes meeting the requirements for audit inspection? If not,

We can help!

Our electronic compact wall mounted pump system, with its simple single push button control will economically and accurately dispense a pre set volume of Enzyme Cleaner directly and safely into your sink.

We are also able to supply sink water level markers free of charge.

Olympic Chemical Systems are able to supply a neutral pH7 detergent, based on formed enzymes, for the manual cleaning of flexible fibreoptic endoscopes and

all other reusable surgical equipment.

This product is totally safe to use on all materials used in the manufacture of both flexible and rigid endoscopes, and all other equipment which may have a delicate surface finish.

Our systems are now used by some of the largest NHS trusts in the UK.

If your still not sure whether our chemicals would suit your equipment why not contact us for a free sample bottle to try.